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"Frontline illustration" magazine


Dear friends!
Thank you very much for your interest to "Frontline illustration" magazine. Working at our magazine for some years we always feel your support and your interest on military history.
We will inform you (our new and old readers, and all who interested in Russian history - especially it's World War II period) at our web site about new issues of "Frontline illustration" and about plans of publishing house "Strategia KM". We hope it is interesting for many people (especially for those who were unaware of our magazine) to see some details of our issues in sample fragments, presented here. We offer you sample pages of selected issues including photos and texts. Sorry, we have no opportunity to translate all texts in English. You can make your own opinion - we hope, it will be positive.
If you can't find all answers to your questions here, feel free to contact us via e-mail or in any other way. We'll be glad to help you.
We hope you to remain constant readers of "Frontline Illustration" magazine and promise from our side to make all possible efforts to provide you more of interesting issues.

Best regards,
Maxim Kolomiets

Our history

Our magazine is a continuation of the newspaper that had been publishing during the Great Patriotic War 1941-45 by the Major Political Department of the Red Army in Russian, Ukrainian and German languages.

"Frontline illustration" was propagandistic magazine addressed mostly to frontline soldiers, workers, collective farmers, or even to German POWs... "Frontline Illustration" informed them about the latest news from battlefields, the Red Army's victories, about Soviet heroes helped in discussions about combat experience and even sometimes was giving a pack of humor.
After finishing of the war, publication of FI was stopped.
Almost after 55 years, in 2000, "Strategia KM" publishing house started publication of illustrated magazine with the same title. This new magazine is a modern type of periodical containing numerous photos, drawings, blueprints, maps, figures and other info about past conflicts, battles, history of weapons and vehicles.
New "Frontline illustration" is intended mostly for the fans of military history which are interested in detailed modern info about specific aspects. But also we are trying to preserve traditions of our wartime predecessor. Our authors tries to give information in the most reliable and clear form using raw archival data. This makes our magazine interesting for a large number of readers both in Russia and abroad.

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